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Greenwich, CT

The Town of Greenwich is a proud member of Fairfield County, and is an integral part of Connecticut's Gold Coast. Each year, this tight-knit community continues to attract all sorts of new residents, ambitious professionals, and up-and-coming businesses.

For years, Kingswood Kitchens, Inc. has proudly catered to clients throughout the Greenwich, CT community. We understand the diverse nature of the local region, so we're constantly expanding our scope of service to suit the evolving needs of our clients. Whether you're purchasing a new home or you're in the process of revamping your commercial space, you can rely on our certified team to provide the finest in custom cabinetry design.

The Top Source for Hardwood Cabinets

Although Kingswood Kitchens, Inc. doesn't currently operate a location in Greenwich, we proudly cater to an array of clients throughout the surrounding area. We provide the latest in custom design and fabrication services to suit your interior vision!


Whether you're in the market for custom kitchen cabinets or custom bathroom cabinets, we urge you to contact one of our certified representatives today. You can always rely on our staff to access competitive rates and prompt turnaround times.

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